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About us

Here at Big Cosie we love to well, get cosy. Our favourite nights are the ones snuggled up on the sofa, popcorn in hand, PJ’s on and a movie on in the background. The only trouble was we kept getting cold. Blankets were wrapped around us, duvets moved into the lounge and the heating turned on. But, these solutions just didn’t offer the all-around cosiness or warmth that we were looking for. Plus, sharing blankets between the whole family never ends well…

So, Big Cosie was born.

We wanted to create a wearable blanket made of the softest material, that is cruelty-free and available in multiple different colours and styles, so there was one that everyone would fall in love with.

We’re a family run business, based in the coastal county of Dorset, England. When it came to choosing the designs and name for our business our whole family have had a say (even the dog)! Our designs are fun and creative, perfect for the whole family.

So, grab yourself some popcorn have a look around and let’s get Cosie!

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