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10 Ways To Create A Cosy Bedroom

Your bedroom is not just a place to sleep but an environment where you can relax and regenerate after a long day. When you get home, tired from work, it should be the place you want to spend your evening and fall into a deep relaxing sleep, not a place of chaos like some bedrooms so easily become. Below we delve into our top ways to create that cosy bedroom you have always dreamed of. Read on to discover our top ten cosy bedroom ideas to create that cosy, relaxing haven you deserve. You may also enjoy reading 10 Tips To Unwind After A Stressful Day

1. Lighting

When furnishing a room, lighting is a crucial element for creating a relaxing ambience. The lighting in your house can define the mood your home puts you in. No matter how well your home interior may be designed and decorated, the wrong lighting can ruin the vibe altogether. For a relaxing atmosphere, we recommend having lights that you’re easily able to dim as the evening progresses as well as using warm bulbs and side lamps. All of these should create the perfect cosy atmosphere for your bedroom.

2. Bed Covers and Pillowcases

When choosing materials paying attention to the fabrics and colours is another way to make your bedroom more welcoming. In hot weather, linen and cotton will be your best friends, and during winter, think of something warming and cosy. Plus, don’t mix and match too many colours, your aim is to create something that feels relaxing, so, select a colour range that creates visual harmony.

3. Cosy Rugs and Carpet

If you have a thick cosy carpet then you can skip this stage. However, if you don’t then you can fake it with big cosy rugs. Opt to place one next to your bed so that it’s the first thing you feel when you get out of bed in the morning.

4. Add Warmth

Adding warm tones to the room can be an instant way to make the room feel cosy. This can be done by painting the walls warm colours or by adding small or larger accessories. We love adding warm tones to furniture. Using soft coloured side tables, lamps and small accessories. Plus, as previously mentioned warm lighting will only accentuate the warmth.

5. White on White

This one might sound a tad specific, but hear us out. Surprisingly, white on white can be a great foundation for you to create a classically cosy bedroom. With white walls and white linen, the 'cosy' elements come from adding accessories such as a chunky knit throw, thick curtains or warm pillows. It gives you a space to not think about anything else and lets your mind relax. There’s a very good reason all nice hotels use white bed sheets…

6. Candles

This might be a slight cheat as it is technically lighting, however, candles are so much more. Not only does the flickering flame add a beautiful, relaxing glow to your boudoir but the smell can also enhance the cosy feeling in your bedroom. Think vanilla and lavender for a relaxing aroma.

Just be sure to blow them out before you get too tired and fall asleep!

7. Pillows

This one might be an obvious one but it is also one that is so regularly overlooked. Ensure you have the right pillow for you. Some people prefer a firm one, some a softer one. Some like 3 or 4, some just 1. Some love a natural pillow some prefer to opt for synthetic. There are so many aspects to consider, so just make sure you’ve chosen the right one for you to make your bed as cosy and comfortable as can be.

8. Layered Blankets

Not only do these look amazing all curled up on top of your bed they also offer the practical element of them keeping you warm. A cold bedroom will never be a cosy one, so layering blankets on top of your bed is always a good idea!

9. Bring Greenery Inside

Now, this option can easily be overdone. However, if you do it right then it will only add to the calming ambience of your bedroom. Plants add a homey feel, and texture, and brighten a space up instantly. If you don’t have a green finger or want the added effort of taking care of your plans then you can opt for faux plants instead. These look just as good, just without the hard work.

10. Add Some Books

Lastly, this is one is a tad unusual however, adding books to a room adds colour, texture, & sometimes, if the book is old, a rustic element to the space. It also means that if you want to jump into bed and curl up with a good book, then they’re available at your disposal.

If you have any other tips to transform your bedroom into a cosy boudoir, then let us know in the comments below! Plus, of course, getting into your Big Cosie before bed will also always help!

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