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10 ways to stay warm and save money this winter

Are you looking for new ways to stay warm this winter? With the cost of living crisis looming in every direction we turn and with the wind sailing through even more cracks and crannies than we even knew we had in our home it’s so important to find new, alternative, and most importantly cheap ways to stay warm.

So, what can you do to lower your heating costs and stay warm this winter? Don’t stay home shivering. Read on to discover our top easy and inexpensive ways to stay warm in the winter.

1. Keep the cold outside and seal those gaps

Gaps around windows and doors are the most common places for air to find its way inside. Repair or block those gaps to avoid losing the heat that you have managed to trap inside and keep the cold air where it belongs, outside.

2. Prep your radiators

If you do decide to turn your radiators on to heat your home then use tin foil behind the radiators to reflect heat back into the room rather than allowing it to flow into the walls.

3. Add extra layers

It goes without saying that the more layers you put on or have in your home, the warmer you will feel this winter. Keeping extra blankets on hand can make all the difference in saving you a lot of money at the end of the month on your heating bill. Think throws, cosy blankets, and even weighted blankets, and you'll be able to stay warm on cold nights without hiking up your energy bills.

4. Leave the oven open

When you finish cooking, leave the stove open slightly to let your home get filled with all that wonderful heat that would otherwise go to waste.

5. Buy an electric blanket

They’re one of the cheapest ways to stay warm this winter. Costing around £30 to initially buy one and then costing as little as 3p per hour to run they’re a really great warm of warming up quickly for very little money. You can buy one here.

6. Turn your thermostat down

If you have used your heating during the day when you go to bed at night be sure to turn it right down so that you’re not wasting money or heat when it’s not needed and you don’t wake up with a big bill the next morning.

7. Rearrange your furniture

Blocking your radiators with sofas or beds can have a huge impact on the temperature of your room, so it might be time to shuffle your furniture around. Make sure you keep any radiators unblocked and organise your furniture so the room is open and easy to heat.

The trick is to place major pieces of furniture such as the bed, sofa and desks close enough to radiators to feel the benefits of the heat, but with enough space around them for the heat to circulate. Also, keep your furniture away from windows and doors so you don't feel the draught when using them and you stay warm this winter.

8. Close your curtains at night but, keep them open until 3 pm

Take full of advantage of the natural sunlight during the day. This will naturally heat up the room, which will help when you finally draw the curtains as the chilly night sets in.

In the UK, the sun usually sets at around 4 pm in the height of winter, so to make the most of the natural warmth keep your curtains open until around 3 pm. But, be sure to close them when it has set to keep as much warmth inside your home as possible.

9. Dot candles around

Candles instantly make a room feel cosier, and though they aren't powerful enough to heat a room alone, they certainly can make their surrounding areas a little warmer. Pop some along your fireplace, on your coffee table or wherever you want to add a little cosy flicker of warmth. You’ll certainly feel much cosier in the evenings snuggling up on the sofa when some candles are lit nearby. Just don’t forget to blow them out before you head to bed!

10. Wear a hooded blanket

What is a hoodie blanket? A hoodie blanket is a wearable blanket comprising an oversized hooded sweatshirt and an equally oversized kangaroo pocket. They’re super soft and feel like you are being encompassed by a giant hug all the time. They’re also, extremely warm and cosy and the perfect way to stay warm this winter. Shop our range of Big Cosie hoodie blankets here.

Do you have any other tips to stay warm this winter?

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