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Why Is A Blanket Hoodie Better Than A Blanket?

With the cold days and nights in full swing and the cost of electricity through the roof, we’re all looking for new ways to stay warm and cosy in our homes. We’re sure that you’ve all heard of them by now the amazing hoodie blankets that everyone seems to be talking about. But, what really are the benefits of them over a standard blanket? Other than the fact that they obviously look great.

What Is A Blanket Hoodie?

The term blanket hoodie is pretty much self-explanatory. It is an oversized sweatshirt complete with a huge hood and an even larger front pocket. It is lined with super soft fleece that gives it a blanket feel. Blanket hoodies are ideal for winter and come in really handy. Not to forget, they are warm, cosy, and comfortable.

A blanket hoodie might seem like a slightly odd concept, but for people who have always dreamt of carrying their blankets wherever they do, it’s a dream come true.

Why Are Blanket Hoodies Better Than Blankets?

Let us see why blanket hoodies are better than blankets and why you should get yours from Big Cosie.

1. They are perfect for staying cosy in the evenings

Evenings, specifically, are the one time of the day when you feel cold the most. Especially with the reluctance to put on the heating. But that won't be the case anymore when you have your cosy hooded blanket.

The oversized fit, the soft fleece inside the hoodie, and the warm fabric of the blanket hoodie by Big Cosie is a perfect way to spend your chilly winter evenings while staying warm and cosy.

2. Outdoor chilly events

Remember the times when we had to refrain from stepping out of the house in the evenings because the weather was way too cold to even think about? Well, a blanket hoodie can help you make the most out of winter shenanigans.

This means, after wearing the blanket hoodie, you will have no excuse to ditch the outdoor plans. Be it coffee on the terrace, winter BBQ, or simply a cosy evening walk.

The hooded blanket makes going outside a breeze. Just don’t forget a hot drink and you’ll be toasty like a marshmallow all evening!

3. They keep you warm everywhere

Blankets are amazing, don’t get us wrong. But, sometimes they just don’t cut. Plus, they’re most definitely not easy to move around with. Despite wanting to take your blankets with you when you wake up to prepare your coffee, you simply just can't. But guess what? That won't be an issue if you get yourself a hoodie blanket.

Our blanket hoodies are ideal for you in winter to keep you warm wherever you go. Whereas a standard blanket is really only good on the sofa or in bed, a hoodie blanket is amazing and cosy wherever you go.

4. They are perfect to work in

Whether it’s preparing food in the kitchen, cleaning up, making a coffee, or working from your laptop, you can do it all while being warm and cosy wearing your hooded blanket.

They are especially great for when you’re working from home. Warm, cosy and convenient to wear all day - just make sure to take it off when you’re in your Zoom meetings!

5. They’re easy to clean

Think about it, how many times do you wash your blankets? The thought crosses your mind then it leaves it as quickly as it showed up. They are so big, heavy, and filled that it's not only difficult to carry them here and there during washing. But, it takes many days to get it dried completely.

However, that won't be the case with a hoodie blanket. All you need to do is throw it in your washing machine and then hang it out to dry or stick it in the tumble dryer. There you have your blanket hoodie, super clean in a hassle-free process.

Conclusion Is a hooded blanket better than a blanket?

We personally don’t think that there is any comparison. The hooded blanket is certainly a better choice than a standard blanket for comfort and warmth. You can buy your Big Cosie Hooded Blanket here.

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