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Best Oodie alternatives

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

A hooded blanket is a fairly new and fairly fabulous (dare we say it ourselves) invention. Why snuggle up under a blanket on the sofa when you can wear a huge, oversized blanket instead? More and more people are opting to wrap themselves in a hooded blanket during the evening and even sometimes during the day. With heating costs rising and the very unpredictable British weather, there is nothing better than being cosy under a warm blanket. You could even wear it whilst working from home. (Just remember to remove it before hopping on your Zoom meeting!) Another great thing about hooded blankets? The whole family can wear one, you can even get matching designs if that’s your thing! The Oodie has taken the hooded blanket scene by storm but what are some of the best Oodie alternatives? Read on to find out where the alternatives to Oodie rank.

The idea for the Oodie was created by Australian brothers David and Todd Fogarty in 2018. The demand for these hooded blankets then skyrocketed during the lockdown and it hasn’t stopped there. They are, however, known for being on the pricey end, starting at around £84 for adults and £77 for kids. Because Oodie is on the pricey side and with a lot more hooded blankets now on the market, many people opt to search for an alternative instead. But, some are better than others. Read on to hear our best Oodie alternatives.

The budget high-street shop has brought out its own alternatives to Oodie. The Primark ‘dupe’ named The Snuddie has been praised for not feeling as bulky as the Oodie. However, this means that it’s not thick and therefore, warm as the original hooded blanket. The Primark hooded blanket has also been said to not hold the heat as well and is best kept for slightly warmer days and nights. Primark hooded blankets start at £16 for an adult one and £12 for a child one, making them a much cheaper alternative to the Oodie. If you are after a Primark hooded blanket then you can pop to your local Primark and purchase one, providing they have them in stock. + Established brand + Medium quality + Budget-friendly - Not overly soft and cosy - Don’t specialise in hooded blankets are the leading alternative to Oodie, having established itself as an online blanket brand stocking all types of hooded blankets and weighted blankets. They claim to be 10% longer than most of the competition and when measured, seem to live up to their claims of being a longer Oodie alternative at 96cm. The use a trim on its material ensuring that it doesn’t sag and features a much larger pocket than the Oodie. hooded blankets come in at a similar price tag to Oodie at £89 for an adult one. They don’t offer a child version, making it predominantly more expensive than the other hooded blankets on the market. However, they do always seem to have a discount code that you can use making them a lot cheaper than their original price. The offer free UK delivery that takes 3-5 working days. You can also opt for express delivery at the cost of £2.99. + Established brand + High quality - Budget-friendly + Soft and cosy + Extra long + Free UK delivery

The Comfy is the original sweatshirt blanket, created by two brothers in 2017 in the USA and launched on Shark Tank with great success. One of the great things about the Comfy is that it’s guaranteed not to lose its shape or colour after washing. However, it is also not as comfy and ‘puffy' as the Oodie, making it more of a hooded blanket for the slightly warmer months. The Comfy start at 44.99 USD with the junior ones starting at $39.99 making them some of the cheapest of the bunch. The Comfy currently do not ship to the UK and shipping within the USA costs. + Established brand + High quality - Budget-friendly - Not overly soft and cosy

The Big Cosie are the new hooded blanket company set to rival the other Oodie alternatives. Priding themselves on their wide range of designs, budget-friendly price and high quality. The Big Cosie measures a whopping 96cm long, the same as which is the joint longest in the run for the Oodie alternatives for length. Big Cosie offer an option for children and adults meaning you can get matching hooded blankets for the whole family. They also include an extra large pocket and elasticated cuffs to prevent the warmth from escaping. The Big Cosie is priced at £54.95 when full price however, currently on offer at £41.21 for an adult hooded blanket and the child hooded blanket comes in at £39.95 on offer at £29.96. Making them one of the cheapest alternatives to Oodie in terms of price. You can order your Big Cosie hooded blanket online and receive free next-working-day delivery to all UK addresses on orders over £30.

- Established brand + High quality + Budget-friendly + Soft and cosy + Extra long + Free UK next-day delivery

No matter which Oodie alternative you opt for, we hope you have a snuggly, cosy winter!

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