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Alternative Uses For Our Hooded Blankets

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

We all know that a Big Cosie hooded blanket is awesome for getting snuggly in the evening, but did you know that a Big Cosie is amazing for tons of other times? Read on to discover our alternative uses of Hooded Blankets.

Great for relaxing with friends

Our first use of hooded blankets is that they look super cute and feel ultra-comfy while having a cosy night in with your friends. It’s the ultimate sleepover accessory. Picture this; you’ve been sitting in the office all day in your restrictive clothes, you get home and your friends come over, you set the snacks up, choose a movie and crack open a bottle of wine or a chilled bottle of fizzy. What could possibly make the evening any better? A huge hooded blanket to get snuggled up in, obviously.

Study in comfort

If a full day of studying wasn’t enough, trying to do it whilst wearing uncomfortable clothes is just a huge no-no. No one enjoys sitting and studying in an uncomfortable outfit all day, it can hinder your concentration and when you are sitting around in the comfort of your own home, it is just plain pointless. Whether you’re putting in a full evening session or planning a group study day session, our hooded blanket is ideal for those college or university study days.

Take the cosiness on a camping trip

Just because it’s a hoodie and a blanket, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it everywhere. Our hooded blankets are perfect for taking on a camping trip and popping on for added warmth during a chillier evening or after you leave the shower block and want instant warmth. Or, even popping on if you’re up one early morning to watch the sunrise. The alternative uses of Hooded Blankets are endless when it comes to your next camping trip and your Big Cosie.

Enjoy your morning in cosy style

You wake up early ready for your morning cup of coffee, the weather is a bit cold but you’re not ready to get dressed yet. What could you possibly put on? A Big Cosie hooded blanket of course! It’s the perfect alternative to getting dressed straight away in the morning that will make that morning cup of coffee taste so much better.

Beach trips just got a little cosier

There’s nothing more enjoyable than an evening spent on the beach watching the sunset, maybe even cooking dinner on a bbq and enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing in, maybe even taking an evening swim in the sea. However, the chill can really hit on an open beach, especially after you’ve been in the sea. But, there’s nothing better than wrapping up in a cosy hooded blanket and enjoying your evening warm and content, alternative use of hooded blankets strikes again!

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