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Camping Checklist For An Epic Weekend Away

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Planning a camping trip with your friends or family is one of the highlights of summer. It’s an evening or two to completely immerse yourself in nature and spend some undivided time with your friends or family away from technology (or most of it anyway). However, preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure and camping certainly takes a lot of it. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make such a huge difference to your overall experience. Plus, bringing a few exciting extras will always improve your time in the wilderness we’re thinking marshmallows for the campfire and your hooded blanket to keep you toasty. Whether you’ve never been camping at all, or you haven’t been since you were younger (and weren’t the one responsible for doing all of the planning!), keep reading for our essential tips for planning and items to pack for an epic camping trip with your friends or family.

Figure Out Where You Want To Go

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is narrow down where you want to camp. Is it at a campsite or is it wild camping?

Camping Options And Reservations

Now it’s time to look into camping options in the area that you want to go to and get your reservation booked. Especially during the summer months campgrounds can get booked up far in advance. So, don't leave it to the last minute!

Other Activities Nearby

Another thing to think about in advance is some of the activities that you might want to do on your trip. Sometimes it’s nice to go on a camping trip and just relax at camp all day reading or even swimming in a nearby lake or the campground swimming pool. However, you might also want to go on go on day hikes or into a nearby town. Just make sure you know what is near before booking.

Check the Weather Forecast

Especially in the UK, the weather can be temperamental even during the summer months, so make sure you check the weather beforehand and pack accordingly.

Essentials for your camping trip:

Tent - this might sound obvious but, sometimes it’s the obvious things that you forget

Sleeping bag - Remember to check the seasons and how cold it gets overnight for what tog you need. For more comfort, if you’re camping as a couple, consider a double sleeping bag

Inflatable air bed - including a pump, if needed to inflate it.

Multi-tool - as these are so useful we consider them essentials for camping as well as to have in your car when going camping

Pillows - either specific camping pillows or your favourite from home

Camp chairs - Great to sit on in the evening if you don’t fancy laying on the grass

Kitchen Essentials for your camping trip:

Gas stove or BBQ - perfect to cook dinner and breakfast on, just check the regulations where you are camping

Cool box - don’t let your food go off!

Pots, pans and kettle - essentials to be able to cook on your stove with

Plates, bowls and mugs - unless you fancy eating out of your saucepan (We’re not judging if you do!)

Cutlery and cooking utensils - unless you’re cooking something you can eat with your hands…

Dishcloths and sponge - wash your pots and pans out before you go home, trust us, you’ll thank us

Rubbish bags - don’t be that person that leaves your rubbish behind…

Tin & bottle opener - something so essential yet, so easy to forget Water bottles - great for around camp as well as day trips and local hikes

Water - if you’re wild camping then take your own water with you

Food - enough food for your camping trip, or until you can re-supply (just make sure it all fits in your cool box!)

Fun extras for your camping trip!

Marshmallows - perfect for roasting over the campfire Pack of cards - perfect for playing games with or drinking games, depending on where the evening takes you Solar-powered battery pack - we love being off the grid but sometimes you just need a bit of juice in your phone and one of these is perfect for that little bit you need

Your Big Cosie Hooded Blanket- ideal to put on in the mornings and evenings, for trips to the shower block or just for wearing in general

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