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How To Have The Ultimate Family Night In

It’s so easy these days for families to drift apart, for kids to sit in one room with their eyes glued to their PlayStation and parents in the other, watching Netflix or just generally unwinding for the evening. However, ensuring that you have some quality time with the whole family, be that, a few hours one evening or a whole day spent enjoying each others company can make a huge difference to family life in general. It’s a great weekly habit that can promote a lot of positive behavioural growth and can improve bonding as a family. Here at Big Cosie, we’re big on family time. Especially when it comes to spending that quality time at home together, having a cosy night in. Plus, once it becomes a habit the family night will most likely become one of your favourite nights of the week! Read on to hear our top ideas for a family night that the whole family will love.

Talent Shows & Charades

Not much can beat a good classic game of Charades and talent shows in general. They’re great fun because each child has a turn on the “stage.” Role-playing can strengthen the child's confidence whilst being a great way to get the whole family involved. You, or the kids, may feel a bit silly at first but as soon as you all get stuck in, it can be a hilarious activity.

A Family Bake-Off

No one can resist a slice of something sweet - not even a grouchy teenager (trust us, when they smell the smell of a freshly baked cake they’ll be sold and excited for next time)! A family bake-off is not only an engaging way to spend an evening, but it also means you have fresh cake, biscuits or bread for the coming week. A win-win if you ask us! Plus, cakes and biscuits always taste so much better when they’re homemade.

Host a Family Movie Night

Pick a movie and enjoy it together, snuggled on the sofa. Let everyone get into their PJs, or for bonus points, their Big Cosies, early turn out the lights and turn your front room into a cinema room. To make the evening even more fun, let everyone choose their own favourite snacks to enjoy during the movie.

For older kids, you could also plan a movie marathon and watch movies all evening, letting them choose their favourite series.

Make Your Own Pizza

This is a great way to combine dinner preparation with family fun.

Buy the ingredients and place them in bowls. Prepare the pizza dough and make mini pizzas. Each family member can then choose what toppings they want for their own pizza and decorate it exactly as they want.

When the pizzas are ready you get to enjoy them together at dinner!

Camping In Your Garden

If the weather allows, then this is a great activity idea to do during the summer months. Pack a small backpack, put a tent in the backyard, and spend the night camping. You could even get your fire pit out or have a BBQ and roast some marshmallows. It will feel like a mini holiday without ever even having to leave your back garden!

Host An Arts & Crafts Evening

To get your creativity flowing and provide an escape from the stresses of daily life, organise an arts and crafts evening. You could make a collage from old family photos or make some jewellery for each family member. The creative list is endless and there’s an activity that each age group will love.

Create An In House Escape Room

This one is especially great for older children as it can seem really exciting. Create a series of clues and put them in one room for everyone to work out together. If you have kids of varying ages then you can create different clues for different ages so that everyone can get involved. If you’d rather have the opportunity to work these out as well, then you could always order a pre-done one online instead.

Dance Party

An awesome way to get active without even having to leave the house is by planning a dance party. Plus, if you have any party supplies at home then you can use these to make the night even more fun. Kids love party decorations and hats!

Create a playlist with your family’s favourite songs and dance together! You can also combine the dance party with some karaoke if you like it - or if your neighbours can bear it!

We hope these family nights in ideas will give you some inspiration on fun activities to keep the whole family entertained and bonding together. Just remember, it might not be your kid's favourite thing to do at the beginning, especially the older ones, but the more regularly you do it, the more they’ll love it!

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