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How To Host The Ultimate Sleepover For Kids And Adults

Every child or adult should experience a fun sleepover with their friends at least once in their life. It is an unforgettable experience that can create cherished memories for years to come. But, what about an ultimate adult sleepover as well? Why let kids have all the fun, right? An adult sleepover can be a great way to get your group of friends together for a catch up without the pressure or expense of going out for dinner or to the latest bar.

You might already know that you want to host an amazing sleepover for your child or yourself but, where do you start? Big Cosie can help with that! We’ve got an abundance of tips to create the ultimate sleepover experience for kids and adults, just with a few little tweaks here and there.

1. Plan in Advance - For Kids

The best parties are planned in advance and that includes sleepovers. It’s ideal to plan your sleepover at least 4 weeks in advance. This gives you time to plan and your guests time to clear their calendar and get excited.

1. Plan in Advance - For Adults

Depending on your work schedules and prior plans adults can either need A LOT more time or be happier with spur of the moment plans. Whatever the case it’s best to get everything ready beforehand so that you have everything (or almost everything) ready so that when you do decide on a date you don’t have to stress buying and preparing everything.

2. Create a Theme - For Kids

To plan the ultimate sleepover, it can be a great Think about what your child loves and try to plan a theme around that. Pinterest can be a great place to start for inspiration, think of a glamping tent party, spa party, superheroes, dance party, gamer’s paradise, baking contests, the ideas are endless! Once you’ve come up with a theme you can then start to plan the food, drinks and decorations that you need to buy.

2. Create a Theme - For Adults

Now, whilst it’s not completely necessary to choose a theme for an adults sleepover having a rough one can still be really useful to planning. It could be something as simple as a gin themed night or something as elaborate as an 80’s one, get creative!

3. Party Snack Ideas - For Kids & Adults

The most important part of a sleepover in our eyes, be that for kids or adults; the snacks!

Crisps, popcorn, and fruit are a few examples of classic party foods, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to stick to these, just be aware of picky eaters and any allergies. You could bring your child to the supermarket with you so that they can help pick out a few snacks. She or he will love having the freedom to plan their big night. Of course, if it’s your sleepover you don’t have a choice but to take yourself to the supermarket, but have a little fun and stick to your theme if you can to ensure it filters through all parts of your evening. If you don’t fancy a trip to the supermarket a takeaway is also a great idea and usually a crowd pleaser for an adult sleepover!

4. Choose Your Drink Menu - For Adults

Now, this one is definitely more fitting for the adults, what sort of drinks will you serve? Will you fully commit to the memories of a childhood sleepover and opt for soft drinks and fruit juices or will your adult sleepover take a real over 18 twist? If you’re opting for the latter then there’s the option of wine or even champagne if you’re feeling fancy (or prosecco if you’re feeling fancy with a smaller budget). Or you could opt for cocktails, more elements to buy beforehand but it could also double as a fun activity for the evening with everyone creating their own cocktail.

4. Choose Your Drink Menu - For Kids

Drinks for kids have slightly fewer options than those for adults, just be wary of the sugar content found in a lot of the drinks, it’s called a sleepover for a reason; you want them to sleep at some point during the night! If you’re feeling a bit fancier then you could even create some mocktails for the children to have, or let them create their own ones.

5. The Dress Code For Kids & Adults

One of the best things about a sleepover is the dress code or lack of one! Adorn your cosiest outfits and sit spend the evening feeling comfortable and cosy whilst not worrying about what your outfit looks like. Of course, we recommend a Bog Cosie hooded blanket for your ultimate sleepover. The comfiest ones on the market and idea for a chillier winters evening. If you wanted to go the extra step you could even get matching ones for the special occasion. For your child’s sleepover, best friends love matching and this will only add to the excitement.

This step requires the parent to communicate to see if they can all buy matching hooded blankets beforehand. Or, if you’re feeling generous you could even treat everyone, the great thing with a hooded blanket is that their one size fits all meaning you don’t have to worry about gathering everyone’s sizes before! They also make a lovely little keepsake for everyone to take home after…

The Next Morning

Try and allow the others to sleep by being quiet and not waking everyone up at once but, no one likes to leave anywhere feeling hungry. Be sure to serve breakfast and make sure everyone is fed. Make it a group effort to clean up, that way you aren’t stuck doing it by yourself at the end of the party as well, there’s nothing worse than everyone leaving and you’re stuck with a whole house to clean up!

You could even make it into a game for the kids; who can pick up the most pieces of rubbish in 30 seconds! Have a few little prizes in for the winners so they feel like it’s actually a game.

We hope that we have given you some food for thought and inspired some great ideas to have the ultimate sleepover for your child’s birthday or for yourself!

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