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How To Rock The Big Cosie Hooded Blanket, At Home and Outside.

Now, we know what you might be thinking, a hooded blanket is meant for indoors. It’s a thing of comfort the second you walk in the door, it engulfs you with its giant comfy sleeves and oversized cosiness and you immediately feel safe and warm. Or maybe we’re exaggerating the Big Cosies power, who knows. However, what we do know is that more and more people are wearing their hooded blankets not only 24/7 indoors but also outdoors as well and dare we say it, they’re becoming a fashion statement? But, how should you style yours? Whether you’re off to the beach in it to watch the epic orange sunset setting over the sea, or on a camping trip after you leave the shower block, for instant warmth. Or, perhaps you’re wearing yours to your next all-day study session at the library. Wherever it may be, you want to look good doing so, So, how should you go about doing this? Hooded blankets might be one size, but we know everyone is an individual, so read on to hear are 3 top fun ways that we like to rock The Big Cosie Hooded Blanket. For more ideas on where else to wear your hooded blanket also read: Alternative Uses For Our Hooded Blankets.

The Over Leggings Look

Perfect if you’re opting for a more ‘socially acceptable’ outside look. Pairing your hooded blanket with leggings will not only instantly make you look like you’re ready to go for the day and conquer the world - some might even say this look becomes socially acceptable in an office (we’re not sure who, but we’re sure somebody does). But, this look also brings an extra layer of warmth to your outfit.

The Barefoot, Rolled-Up Sleeve Style

If you’re looking for a ‘too cool for school’ outfit that still packs a punch in the comfort stakes, then this style is it. Roll those sleeves up, take those shoes off and feel the freedom wearing the Big Cosie allows.

This look is the perfect go-to for any sunset beach session. So, next time you feel like hitting the beach and not worrying about the cold, pack your Big Cosie. You won’t regret it.

The All In, Ultimate Comfort Look

In true list fashion, saving the best for last, our favourite style; The ultimate comfort one, the one the hooded blanket was made for. Pair your big cosie with your favourite slipper socks, take off anything restrictive and uncomfortable from underneath and relax in all of the BIg Cosies glory. *Not advisable to wear outside.

The Big Cosie Hooded Blanket is the ultimate cosy must-have! Whether you’re a roller or an over the leggings type person, The Big Cosie Hooded Blanket is the must-have of the season, Try out these options to see which fits your style and let Big Cosie keep you warm and cosy from head to toe all year-round.

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