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The Ultimate Autumnal ‘Cosie’ Night In

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

There's something particularly comforting about the word autumn. Images of burnt orange leaves crunching beneath your feet, wrapping our favourite scarves and coats around us to brave the outside and cosy nights curled up on the sofa instantly spring to mind.

Setting aside some time for yourself in the evening is one way of helping to enhance your wellbeing and enjoy a more productive, happier life. It’s the time of year for ginormous mugs of hot chocolate and super to cosy oversized Big Cosie hooded blankets, perfect to keep the chill-out. Now is the time for cosy nights in, and here at Big Cosie, we live for these evenings, some might even call us experts on it. From reading a good book curled up on the sofa, to lighting some candles and having a relaxing bubble bath to sticking Nexflix on, getting into your comfies and grabbing some popcorn. We know exactly how to have the ultimate ‘Cosie’ night in. So, if that’s what you’re looking for (and really, why wouldn’t you be?) then read on…

Get Comfy

In our eyes the most important element of a night in. Ditch the smart clothes, grab your Big Cosie and get nice and snug on the sofa. The benefit of a Big Cosie means that you have a blanket plus a huge oversized hoodie (which we all know is the ultimate in comfortable clothing) to keep you snug all evening. Plus, our Big Cosies have a huge pocket, perfect for keeping your essentials close to you all evening. We recommend finding a few extra pillows and putting on some fluffy socks too, just for that extra layer of comfort.

Grab Some Snacks

We all know that food is really the star of a cosy night in and no evening is complete without your favourite snacks. Our personal favourites include a big bag of popcorn, your favourite chocolate bar and some fluffy marshmallows. Or a giant pizza and some nachos. Whatever it is your craving just make sure you leave the washing up to the following morning and have enough to keep you happy all evening long.

Choose a Film to Get Lost In

Now you’re all comfy and have your favourite snacks at the ready it’s time to choose a good film. That one film that you’ve been meaning to watch, time and time again? Well, now is the time to watch it!

Light Some Candles

We love a candle all year round but lighting the perfect seasonal candle is the perfect way to add warmth to a room and to add that extra layer of cosiness to the evening. Not much beats the flicker of a candle and the calming ambience it creates.

Enjoy a Decadent Mug of Hot Chocolate

An evening in isn’t complete without a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Top yours with giant marshmallows and a flake or some grated milk chocolate to make it the ultimate in luxury. Plus, if you’re planning an adult sleepover then, add a dash (or two) of Baileys or Cointreau to really warm yourself up.

Light up the night with fairy lights

For the ultimate finishing touch, add some ambience to your room and make it feel like a cosy haven. Forget the main light in your room and instead, opt for something softer and more ambient. Fairy lights paired with your favourite candle will create the perfect atmosphere.

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