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Ultimate Cosy Autumn Date Night Ideas For The Perfect Date

Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in some quality time with your partner; the darker nights and colder temperatures mean that it’s basically essential to have at least one cosy night per week.

Whether you choose to stay at home or head out for an autumnal walk, there’s plenty of cosy autumn date ideas to enjoy with your partner and here at Big Cosie, we like to think of ourselves as 'kind of experts' on a cosy date night. After all, the clues are kind of in the name…

1. The classic: Host a movie night at home

If there was ever a season that screamed out for an abundance of tea lights and snuggly blankets then it’s autumn (well, and maybe winter, but we’ll get to that). It’s obviously imperative to light all the candles, buy all the snacks and snuggle up and get into your match big cosie hooded blankets whilst watching a classic movie or binge-watching your favourite TV show. Bonus points if you order a takeaway pizza as well.

2. Take a romantic stroll in the woods or a park

Autumn is the best time of year to go for walks (in our humble opinion) as the leaves on the trees are so beautiful; the reds, oranges and browns plus the ones beneath your feet are great to crunch on whilst walking. The beautiful colours also make the perfect backdrop for a few romantic snaps of the two of you.

3. Attend a bonfire and/ or fireworks

This time of year lends itself perfectly to countless nights of bonfires and fireworks. Thanks, Bonfire Night. Grab some marshmallows to toast, some toffee apples to crunch on and sparklers to twirl all whilst snuggling up to your partner and watching the colourful fireworks or the crackling of the bonfire.

4. Carve pumpkins

This one is pretty much a given for this time of year if you’re even remotely into Halloween, but carving pumpkins together can be an incredibly romantic, maybe a slightly messy, date night idea. You could even turn it into a friendly competition and see who can carve the best pumpkin. Or, carve one together for a cute date night.

5. Build a den

This is one of our favourite cosy autumnal date night ideas. Get into your Big Cosie hooded blankets, string some fairy lights inside bring all of your pillows and cushions inside and even your duvet, set up your laptop with your favourite childhood film on and spend the night in your own little den.

6. Cook a meal together

Spend the evening cooking your favourite autumnal meal together. Think pumpkin dishes, stews and big old warming casseroles. Cooking together can be a great, fun bonding activity, plus you get to eat it together afterwards. Light some candles, put some music on and enjoy a gorgeous meal that you have cooked together, just the two of you. Flip a coin after for who has to do the washing up, or leave it until the next day, nobody is judging...

7. Wine tasting

Drinking wine is a little joy that most of us appreciate all year round. But, it's especially romantic in winter. There's just nothing like walking into a toasty wine bar, taking off your coat and hat, and settling down with a warming glass (or five) of your favourite red. Or, if you don’t fancy leaving the house host your own wine tasting evening for just the two of you at home! Buy a few bottles of wine that you haven’t tried before and research a little about each bottle. Poor little samples for you both to taste and rate them after.

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