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A Hooded Blanket - Perfect for Summer as well as Winter

After this long and cold autumn-winter season, here at Big Cosie, we are so excited that the summer is starting to arrive! With its longer days, blue skies and the prospect of being able to hit the beach and spend more time outdoors we really can’t wait. Especially with fewer restrictions, it's a time we have all been waiting for. As much as we love winter (we’re huge suckers for curling up on the sofa, fire on and hot chocolate in hand) we are now ready to feel the sun on our skin again and not be buried beneath hats, coats and scarves before we’ve even left the house. With, one exception in mind. Our Big Cosie, of course. Now, you might be thinking the return of the warmer weather means it's time to pack away your hooded blanket. But, if you’re thinking that, then think again! A Big Cosie hooded blanket has a whole multitude of uses beyond curling up on the sofa on a winter's night. Below we will talk you through some of our favourite summers uses for the hooded blanket. For some added inspiration, you might also enjoy reading - How To Rock The Big Cosie Hooded Blanket, At Home and Outside. First off, has to be the beach. We can’t think of anything better than heading to the beach on a warm and sunny evening heading for a swim and then enjoying a beach BBQ with our friends. However, as the sun goes down and the temperature drops we always want something warm to throw on over the top of our swimwear to instantly warm ourselves up and the Big Cosie, the hooded blanket is the perfect option! Snug, warm and small enough to throw in your bag after.

For those smaller outdoor-loving, children, our junior hooded blankets are absolute must-haves. They’re ideal to take on any beach trip to instantly warm up those little hands, because, let's face it the sun might be out in the UK but that doesn’t mean the sea’s temperature has warmed up that much! The next summer's spot we don’t visit without taking our hoodie blanket is a weekend away camping. They’re the ideal companion to take for a chilly summer's morning sat watching the sunrise, a quick trip to the shower blocks in the middle of the night or an evening spent around the campfire.

An evening spent under the stars is never complete anymore without our trusty hooded blanket. We can’t get enough of driving out to the middle of nowhere, accompanied by a picnic and our Big Cosie. It’s the ideal way to spend an evening and thanks to our hooded blanket it doesn’t matter how cold it gets out. No matter where you take your Big Cosie hooded blanket, we know you won’t regret popping it in your bag ready for your summer adventures.

Get your hooded blanket here, and don't forget you can now pay for yours in 3 easy payments with Klarna!

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